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We understand the importance of time-critical shipments, which is why we offer a range of services to meet your AOG/NFO/OBC requirements.


Offer our clients a dependable, quality-driven partner.


We consider ourselves to possess qualities of professionalism, honesty, responsibility, and flexibility, all of which make up our inherent nature and identity.


We provide cost-effective, tailored logistics solutions.


At Gravitas, we understand the unique logistics challenges faced by the automotive industry.

Which is why we provide automotive logistics and supply chain solutions for OEMs and their suppliers. We offer both inbound and outbound automotive logistics solutions, ensuring that your consignment is delivered on time and in perfect condition.


In the aviation sector, Gravitas is a top supplier of aircraft logistics solutions.

Our expertise lies in managing components for airlines, maintenance, repair, OEMs, stockists, and MRO. Our commitment is to offer our clients a dependable, quality-driven partner that will go above and beyond to fulfil their requirements promptly.


We can handle any type of delivery, including frozen vegetables, fresh meat and seafood, fruit, and flowers.

Our strong network and supply chain enable us to meet your demands. Since every consignment is different, we collaborate closely with our clients to offer customised logistics solutions that satisfy their particular needs.


Since temperature-controlled transportation can be costly, we’re constantly searching for new and creative ways to cut costs without sacrificing the integrity of your supply chain.

We can determine the most cost-effective routes and means of transportation for your consignment using a technique called heat mapping.

Ship Spares

At Gravitas, our commitment lies in providing your company with tailored logistics solutions.

Whether it’s handling the clearance and delivery of inward ship spares or organising the pickup and export of landed ship spares, we’ve got you covered.

Dangerous Goods

Safety and security are critical when it comes to the transportation of hazardous commodities.

Being one of the top logistics firms in the nation, Gravitas specialises in the transportation of all nine classes of UN-classified dangerous products (ADRs).